This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data processed by MEDonline International B.V. (“MEDonline”) from DOC-access members.

If you visit, complete the contact form or provide personal data to MEDonline for any other reason, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy. We advise you to read through the Privacy Policy and keep it for your own records.

1. Controller

Controller of personal data processing is:
MEDonline International B.V. De Corridor 14L, 3621ZB Breukelen, 0346-200013, 54122171.
The privacy manager can be reached at or 0346-200013.

2. What data does MEDonline process and for what purpose?

2.1. In the context of completing the contact form, the following personal data are processed:
(a) Your name
b) E-mail address
c) Telephone number

2.2. MEDonline processes the personal data referred to in subsection 2.1 exclusively for the following purposes:
(a) Your name, e-mail address and telephone number to contact you following the completion of the contact form.

3. Retention periods

MEDonline processes and stores your personal data for one year, unless there is reason to keep it longer.

4. Security measures and processors

4.1. To protect your personal data, MEDonline has taken appropriate technical and organisational measures. For information around these measures, please contact

4.2. To process personal data, MEDonline may use the services of third parties, so-called processors. We have a processor agreement with the processor.

5. Right of inspection, deletion, questions and complaints

5.1. Via the helpdesk, you can submit a request to view, receive, amend or delete your personal data. MEDonline will process your request and inform you within one month of receipt

5.2. If you wish to object to the (further) processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2, you can also contact the helpdesk.

5.3. If you have complaints about the way MEDonline processes personal data or handles your requests, you may contact Data Protection Officer within MEDonline, who can be reached at

5.4. Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be addressed to the privacy manager,

6. Changes

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. Changes will be announced via the website. We advise you to regularly review the Privacy Policy.