Online refresher training (e-learning) in the healthcare sector has grown significantly over the past years.

However, many e-learning courses are static and boring, and are therefore hardly ever used.


MEDonline has developed its own learning environment that enables clients to have e-learning content developed.

Thanks to its network in the healthcare sector, MEDonline can develop customized end-to-end e-learning solutions.

The use of dynamic, response-directed case studies ensures that e-learning has an element of surprise and is more fun to do.

MEDonline can develop all kinds of e-learning products, such as web casts, videos, PowerPoint presentations or texts with questions.


  • HeartLife Academy (cardiovascular e-learning portal)
  • IBD Academy (gastroenterology e-learning portal)
  • Genetics Academy (genetics e-learning portal)
  • NOG Academy (ophthalmology e-learning portal)
  • NVIC Academy (intensive care knowledge portal)
  • Infoleber (neuro-ophthalmology knowledge center)
  • ZZ Academy (rare disease e-learning platform)

Website development

MEDonline develops websites and web applications for healthcare organizations. Our customers are pharmaceutical companies, scientific associations and healthcare providers.

App development

MEDonline designs apps for both scientific associations and pharmaceutical companies.

Apps offer a simple, quick way to communicate with members and/or customers.

Internet strategy development and monitoring

The development of an internet strategy is often made more complicated than necessary. Many developers seem to want to impress by producing a great many sheets with lots of catchy slogans on them.

Instead of using standard solutions:

MEDonline observes and listens to the user:
Why would someone visit my website? What does it have to offer?
Is there any reason why they would return?

MEDonline observes and listens to the organization:
What is the goal, and which steps do we need to take to achieve it?

Every step is evaluated before the process continues.

Social media campaigns and monitoring

MEDonline develops social media campaigns in various countries.


Real-time information on social media activity and sentiments around your organization
Social media monitoring provides insight in what is being said and written about your organization. It will allow you to discover new trends and issues, and you will nip potential crisis situations in the bud.

We will automatically keep you up to date with all the buzz around your organization. You will never miss a message or discussion, allowing you to retain control over your reputation.

Find your influencers.
Keep track of who is talking about you and discover potential ambassadors.

Measure your total reach.
Analyze the number of views of all sources and gain an understanding of the total reach of your campaigns.

Follow the entire discussion.
Monitor reactions in which your brand is not mentioned directly but which do relate to your brand, and follow the entire discussion.

KOL management and portal management

Healthcare organizations like to offer portals where users (customers, members) can find interesting information. Setting up the portal and adding the first content is usually not that much of an issue. The real problem is ensuring continuity in the provision of content.

MEDonline has experience in organizing content for portals based on KOL management and an active editorial team.
We will maintain your portal and add relevant content to it, written and reviewed by a board of KOLs.
Case reports, E-CME (electronic continued medical education), and slide and image banks can form part of this as well.